5 co-parenting apps you have to try

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These apps are the closest we will get to a co-parenting manual.

Most parents will tell you that parenting, in general, is one of the most interesting, fun but also challenging journeys we face as adults. Taking that journey is perhaps even more challenging as both parties navigate shared decision making and parenting from different households and sometimes provinces.

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Here are some apps that can make this experience a little easier:

Coparently :

This app has tools that help both parents schedule, communicate, and even track expenses in one place. The app also allows you to add your child – a function which the app creators added for the benefit of co-parents to teenagers who are part of decision making in most instances.

WeParent :

This app was created by someone with a PhD in Psychology who created it based on research conducted into stress-free co-parenting. The app will help you message each other and keep you both updated with custody schedules.

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Custody connection:

This one is specially built to eliminate custody schedule clashes or misunderstandings. Its central calendar can synchronise both parent’s custody schedule letting them make “trade requests” via the app if they need to switch custody dates. The dates that are agreed upon are logged in the app with accepted and denied requests are sent as updates to both parents.


This app is like private social media for co-parents as families can upload pics to keep the other parent updated on what the child is getting up to and can also help exchange all other types of parenting information.


For co-parenting families that are still struggling with doing the co-parenting thing peacefully, this is the app for you. It was created by a divorced couple and their aim was to keep the communication between co-parents harmonious. So in the spirit of keeping the peace, the app has a ToneMeter which, like Grammarly, will assess messages written by one parent to the other, and suggest kinder ways to write it. The ToneMeter is an optional extra though. The app does also notably record all communication should it need to be used in court proceedings.

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