Sanitiser safety guide for homes with toddlers

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Sanitiser has become part of our daily lives, but remember to use and handle it safely.

The coronavirus pandemic has made the use of sanitisers a major part of our lives. However, as parents with young children in the house, there are safety precautions that we should keep in mind because most sanitizers are highly flammable and often contain at least 60% alcohol.

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Here is how to keep your young child safe from sanitiser hazards:

Wherever possible, use water

Because sanitiser gets its efficacy from the high levels of alcohol in it, try to use water and soap as much as possible in the house for hand hygiene – the exception is of course when you are in public spaces and can’t avoid sanitiser.

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Keep it out of reach

At home, ensure that the sanitiser is in hard-to-reach areas and if they must, your toddler must ask you for it to reach it. The American Academy of Pediatrics advises that, “parents and caregivers should supervise children ages 5 and younger when they use hand sanitiser”.

Read the label before you buy

With the spread of the coronavirus and sanitiser being identified as one of the ways to curb the virus’ spread, hand sanitiser has flooded the consumer market. For yourself and your children’s safety make sure you’re reading the ingredients of any sanitiser you purchase. 

“The Food and Drug Administration​ (FDA) began letting companies that do not normally produce hand sanitiser make and sell it during the Covid-19 pandemic. When buying hand sanitiser, parents should make sure it has a label that lists the ingredients, warnings and precautions,” says the American Academy of Pediatrics.

Don’t leave it in a hot car

Sanitisers contain high levels of alcohol, making them combustible in high-heat environments so rather not leave it in a hot car.

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