Guide to improve your helpers safety while traveling to work and at work

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Covid-19 safety is everyone’s responsibility.

As the economy has opened up and we adjust to a new normal of life with the existence of Covid-19, we are having to learn and adopt new ways to mitigate the risk in light of our new reality. Everyone is developing ways to implement Covid-19 safety precautions and that means your home should also be a safe place for your helper.

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Travel safely

If you can pick your helper up and drop her off, then you should do that. But if not, ensure that your helper is aware of the measures that are required to ensure she’s travelling safely to and from work. Check that she is aware that the department of transport has legislated that taxis carrying passengers must adhere to strict load rules – only being at 70% capacity while buses should be at 50% capacity with all passengers having to wear a mask while travelling.

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Have a touch-free sanitising station

Adopt a process of sanitising upon entry and exit just like the retail stores have. Opt for that touch-free sanitising station to ensure that the area doesn’t become a high touch station. This may minimise the risk of someone entering the home and transferring to the virus to multiple surfaces. Or if someone in the home has the virus this could minimise the risk of your helper taking it home with her by asking her to also sanitise her hands upon exit.

If possible, for her protection ask her to keep the mask on while she’s working and social distance as much as humanly possible while she’s in your home for the day working. This should be done along with encouraging the normal Covid-19 hand washing hygiene precautions.

Provide her with sanitiser and masks

In an interview with BusinessTech Labour law specialist, Natasha Moni stated: “The Occupational Health and Safety Act comes to the defence of domestic workers. The Act does say that every employer must make the environment safe. But if you have a domestic worker or gardener order that does not fall within COIDA, then we use the Occupational Health and Safety Act to ensure that you made the environment safe for this employee. This includes the employer taking precautionary measures such as providing hand sanitiser.” 

Also, provide her with cleaning gloves that she can have on as she cleans.

Commit to adhering to Covid-19 safety measures as a family

Covid-19 has shown more than anything that we are all interconnected so on top of ensuring that you provide a safe environment while your helper is at work. Ensure that as a family you adhere to the Covid-19 safety regulations of staying home as much as possible and if you must go out, wearing a mask and keeping socially distant from others.

This will not only keep your family safe but will also keep your helper safe when she enters your home. Encourage your helper to do the same in her home.

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