Parenty staff writer
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15 Jun 2020
3:00 pm

WATCH: This woman was in labour for five days

Parenty staff writer

She laboured for five days straight, but still described the pain as 'beautiful'.


Milana Burykin, a beauty blogger better known for her blog Milabu, went into early labour and only gave birth five days later. She mostly progressed from home and stayed in the hospital for two days before she gave birth.

The process was complicated. She had an epidural that was, unfortunately, administered mostly on the right side of her back. This means that she was feeling a little pressure on the right while contracting, but felt a lot of pain on the left side of the body.

The pain was also intolerable because she had Pitocin, used to induce labour as she was progressing very slowly.

After trying to push for four hours combined, the midwives decided that she should get a c-section.

She gave birth to Emorett Andrey Burykin, on 1 June 2020, and her birth story is for the books.

Watch the full video below:

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