Dad’s invention prevents babies’ exposure to coronavirus

The futuristic-looking pram is designed to lessen babies’ risk of exposure to coronavirus.

With the countries advising citizens to wear masks in public areas as a way of stopping the spread of the coronavirus, parents of babies are facing the challenge of how to protect them in instances where they have to take them outside.

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Ian Whieldan, a 56-year-old British dad of three came up with an innovative BabyBubble pram whose special design was created to help protect babies from contracting the coronavirus.

“In today’s world, there are countless environmental risks that threaten newborn babies’ health. Covid-19 is just the latest danger. The BabyBubble is designed to eliminate as many of those threats as possible while providing comfort for babies in an aesthetically-pleasing and lightweight,” says Whieldan. He is currently looking for investors to realize his aim of retailing it.

Ian Whieldan

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These are the features of the BabyBubble pram:

  • Looks like a pod on wheels and can close baby in completely.
  • Contains particulate filtering systems that Whieldan says could help prevent viruses and air pollution from reaching the child.
  • Prevents babies breathing in pollution from vehicle emissions or airborne diseases like Covid-19, influenza, the common cold, and chickenpox.
  • Has replaceable N95 air filters to ensure air circulating inside the pram is purified.
  • Also blocks 99.9% of harmful UV light and repelling 70% of the sun’s heat.
  • Has a temperature check that’s linked to a smartphone app.
  • It has air conditioning and internal lights that are powered by a battery that automatically charges when the pram rolls.

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