SA mom divides motherhood group saying she spends R20000 per month on her baby


How much is too much?

When one woman asked what the cost of having and raising a baby are on a local Facebook group, moms hopped on to comment. Varying prices were shared, and most parents expenses were hardly the same.

One mom, in particular, shared the below:

R9000 Nanny
R3000 Medical aid
R1200 Milk
R500 Nappies
+- R3000 Clothes every 3 to 6 months
We pay injections cash and that’s about R1500 depending which ones
+- R 400 Toiletries
“I spend about R2000 on toys. Educational puzzles, arts, and crafts etc. He stays at home so he needs to be entertained the whole time.”, she added.

This mom concluded that babies are very expensive, and this seemed to make a lot of parents upset.

The first mom commented on the possible mistake of the nanny’s salary, stating that R9000 cannot be true.

She was slammed for either lying about her expenses, or ‘bragging’ about how much she uses a month to raise her child. Some moms came to her defence, noting a statement she said in her comments: “I think you adapt to your income but every mommy tries to give their kids the best they can”.

Other moms started adding that they also spend similar amounts of money for vaccinations when someone suggested that she uses her medical aid savings for vaccinations instead of paying cash. Others suggested that she must take her child to Clicks and Dis-Chem instead of spending R1500 for every injection.

The conversation continued, split between moms who believe that she is being wasteful and others who feel like she should not justify how she spends money on her child.


Parenty has reached out to the woman for comment and she has requested for the story to be removed from the site.

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