A first time mom shares the amazing experience that motherhood has been so far

Mbalenhle kaMajola

Separation has been a very sore point for Mbalenhle, but it does not make the journey any less fulfilling.

I am a 29-year-old first-time mother and have been a mother for 5 months and my whole life has changed ever since for the better.

Let me start from the first day I witnessed what my genes and womb were capable of. I gave birth to my son at 13h13, when the nurse-midwife put him on my chest, I uttered: “why is he not… “ then a loud scream filled the room and my heart was filled with happiness I have never felt before. I thought I was going to share a tear but instead, I cried real tears of joy as I was thankful that I actually had a safe natural delivery and I have finally met the little human that I created.

At night we were encouraged to breastfeed our kids every 2 hours, so we had our initial bonding session then. To my surprise, his eyes were wide open on his second day on earth.

I named him Livumile Sabusiswa (we have been granted with a blessing to be part of us). We’ve had a lot of sleepless nights filled with baby cries and I have learned to understand body language because most of the time I have to figure out the cause of whatever moment we experiencing at that time. Seeing his weight gain, skin change and him growing into being a beautiful healthy human being have made me proud of myself though we are still in the early stages of his growth development.

I look forward to next month as it comes with new experiences and I know I’ll be assisting kiddo into moving to the next stage of growth which also permits me an opportunity to be a better parent.

I remember assuring a friend of mine whilst pregnant that I will be ready to embark on a 6 nights’ cruise with her 3 months after giving birth, 2 months down the parenting lane I changed my mind. Spending 8 weeks with my kiddo has made me realize how I do not wish to miss a single milestone of his development. Even when I leave the house without him for errands, I call the house frequently just to check on how he is doing and to ask if he is behaving. Sometimes I try to come back as early as I can because I would be missing him a lot even if I am aware that he is sleeping at that time but I would just want to be next to him.

Because I am breastfeeding, on other days my milk gets so full and my breasts would be so heavy. It is days like that that make me rush home leaving other errands incomplete or I rush to the bathroom for breast bumping and change my breast pads.

I want what is best for my son like every other loving parent and I pray for guidance that I raise him well enough to be a man that I would be proud of one day not just me but the whole community because I believe that a child is raised by a community.

 Mbalenhle kaMajola

Mbalenhle kaMajola

I am Kiddo’s momma, Mbalenhle kaMajola, 29 years of age and I landed in parenthood for the first time in Dec 2019. I finally decided to commence my blogging channel/page as I have been procrastinating for over a year now but I guess by then I was not sure of the content I wanted to create and now my son has given me enough reason for me to blog about my parenting tips or activities and also to share with other parents the journey we are on. I am excited and looking forward to all that we are about to share. We are on Instagram and Youtube.





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