Covid & lockdown: A parent’s guide to all the madness of the week that was


After almost two months of being in lockdown, this is where we’re at.

It’s been a rough week for many parents across the country and the world at large. Things seem to be changing at a drop of the hat without much explanation leaving families frustrated and confused. Add to this job losses, children frustrated with being cooped up at home and the mounting data and food costs – parents may feel like they are not sure where to turn.

Here’s an update on EVERYTHING that happened this week:


The big one that everyone is concerned about. Unfortunately, a scheduled address meant for Thursday by  Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga has been postponed to Monday. As the country and National Command Council is expected to move to Level 3 at the end of May, this might impact the way forward in terms of schooling. Things like hygiene, school readiness and sanitation will be high on the minister’s agenda. Most importantly, parents will need to know which grades will go back first.

You can expect homeschooling to continue for a little while longer.

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This has become a confusing one this week. First, under level 4 regulations more items became available for sale as announced by Minister of Trade, Industry and Competition, however much mockery came from the distinction or lack thereof on T-shirts as undergarments. This aside, the full list of what’s available for sale in stores can be found here.

Additionally as of Thursday, online shopping is now allowed for any item apart from alcohol and tobacco products. If you are worried about how to accept online packages in a safe way read this.

What level are we at?

Memes and jokes have been flying over president Ramaphosa’s address on Wednesday night leaving many people wondering what level we are on and when will we move to Level 3. In a nutshell, we are on Level 4 until the end of May. The NCC will meet to discuss Level 3 and this Level will focus on easing restrictions via district to ensure there isn’t a mass surge in the rate of infections. As one social media user aptly put it:

Co-parenting and your kids:

Co-parents who reside in different metropolitan areas, district municipalities or provinces are allowed to move their children around. This mostly allows the movement of children who are not with their primary caretaker to do so. This is according to the statement which under the new regulations allow the movement of children between co-holders of parental responsibilities who reside in different metropolitan areas, district municipalities or provinces. For all the documents and paperwork read: How to move your kids across provinces.

Covid-19 and how it affects kids:

Over the past week reports from the US and Europe indicate that there could be a disease similar to Kawasaki disease and toxic shock syndrome which MIGHT be linked to Covid-19 in children. The World Health Organisation is yet to issue any information about this and so at this stage, details remain unclear. 

Something to laugh about:

Parents, we could all use a laugh. If you haven’t been jamming to this, you should be:

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