A mother’s day guide for dads because going out for lunch isn’t an option


Dads, take note!

Next to their birthday, 10 May marks the most important day of the year for many women. Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world this Sunday. Many new moms are celebrating their first Mother’s Day during a global pandemic lockdown.

This means that their partners need to be creative around how this beautiful day will be observed. For those with older kids, schools are not around to help create beautiful cards and sentimental gifts.

So, dads, this is your year to shine.

Let us help you out.

Make breakfast in bed

The first thing that happens as soon as you open your eyes could either set you up for a successful, or a failed day. Breakfast-in-bed as a day starter would not only make mama happy, it will start her mother’s day on a beautiful note.

Here are three recipes that you can try out.

Berry Breakfast Crumble recipe

Breakfast Brioche Bread Pudding recipe

Wholewheat Breakfast Wraps recipe

For a simpler option, you can try this:

Grilled Mushroom Breakfast recipe

Pro tip: Make sure to clean up the kitchen once breakfast is made.

Clean up the kitchen (and the house)

Nothing is as time-consuming for mom as cleaning up the house after the kids, including the big baby. So take that responsibility away from her this weekend and do the cleaning and some laundry while she relaxes.

DIY Mother’s Day cards

Dads have never had to stress about creating mother’s day cards because the school always had their back. No this time around, dad. So, time to wear your creativity cap, grab some stationery and get to work.

Don’t worry. The kids will be a great guide for you. They have been doing this all their lives.

Click here to get some DIY inspiration

Pro tip:Get the kids to clean up after they’ve created their masterpieces

Order in some food and give her a cooking break

Some fantastic restaurants are delivering wonderful food during level four of the lockdown. So, order in some of her favourite food, or get her to try something new on mother’s day.

She will love you forever for giving her a break from cooking. In case she has not told you yet, she is over it.

You can order-in from Uber Eats or Mr. D.

Some restaurants are offering a full three-course meal. Doppio Zero for example is offering a full family meal for R500 while the Goodluck Truck based  is offering a three-course meal at R150 pp to be delivered.

Pro tip: Make a few phone calls to mom’s favourite restaurant to see if they can deliver her favourite meal.

Plan a family game night

Since an outdoor date-night is not an option, and time alone is almost a mission with the kids around, plan a fun family night. Make sure that you plan the itinerary for the games. Mom must not get involved in any of these plans. Rope the kiddies in and get some ideas. Planning a surprise game night to celebrate mom will mean the world to them.

Pro tip: Get some snacks and drinks so the food part is sorted.

Games you can try:

Don’t call out for mom

This could possibly be the best game mom will ever play Set aside a few hours in the day, even in intervals, of not calling out for mom. If the kids need help, tell them that daddy will be there to help. The point of the game is build an increased sense of “mom-appreciation”.


Make a list of mom’s favourite song, find the karaoke version of Youtube and have the best sing-off of the year.

Organise a zoom call with moms fellow mom friends:

Get the drinks (read: wine or any alcohol you may still have) and some snacks, send her the link and watch her face light up.

Pro-tip: Arrange with your partner’s friends hubbies to do the same, you’ll earn some serious cool points!

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