Mom paints children’s book covers to teach them about the coronavirus


Parents are finding creative ways to keep their kids entertained and educated.

To allow social distancing to make sense for kids and not scare them, this New York mom of two turned book covers into paintings that show how social distancing is maintained and how things have changed. 

Stefanie Trilling, mom of a two and five-year-old kids started the Children’s Books for Pandemics project. It is aimed at educating children about their new normal and portraying a new reality. The projects started as a family exercise, and one painting led to many more paintings. She published the work online and it was an instant hit. 

Other parents applauded her for finding creative ways of relaying such important information to young children. 

She creates a book cover, and a one pager explaining the cover, like this:

You can check more of her incredible work on her Instagram account below:

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