Karabo Mokoena
2 minute read
15 Jun 2020
11:30 am

Parents may need to consider homeschooling: Here’s how.

Karabo Mokoena

With coronavirus cases growing since back-to-school started, parents everywhere are strongly considering homeschooling their children.


With the growing uncertainty around the reopening of schools for kids, parents are looking into alternative options for their kid’s education. Homeschooling is one such option, also known as alternative education. 

Parents everywhere have had no other choice but to homeschool their kids. They access online material and go through the lessons together. 

So what is the process for registering as a homeschooler permanently?

Choose a curriculum 

Parents need to familiarise themselves with the curriculum and plan around it. This is based on these levels of education:

Foundation phase (grades 1-3)

Intermediate phase (grades 4-6)

Senior phase (grade 7-9)

These curriculums will help parents determine how they want to tackle the calendar year (approach), set their calendar and terms. Once this has been determined, parents can move to the next stages. 

Decide on the education style

Some parents opt for a structured and formal education structure, while other parents prefer a more relaxed approach. There are numerous options, so its best to research which approach you think is best for yours and your children’s needs. 

According to SA Homeschoolers, home education “is not a one size fits all system, but allows for education to be customised to the needs of every individual child.”

Apply for homeschooling  

Apply for home education via the Provincial Education Department. The application process is free and parents can download the forms here. Under normal circumstances, it may take about 30 days for your application to be processed. 

Documents required

Over and above identification documents, and performance and medical records, parents need to submit the below:

  • the weekly timetable which includes contact time per day
  • breakdown of terms per year (196 days per year)
  • learning programme

Withdraw your child from school 

Once the application has been approved, parents can continue to deschool their child/children. The school does not need any documentation to deregister your child from school. They just need a notification from the parents. 

Start homeschooling 

The transition is going to be a challenge for both parents and children. Now, the children need to identify you as a teacher, and this might take some time. It will be trial and error at times, but practice always makes perfect. 

There are some online support groups that you can reach out to for some guidance and support through your transition and navigating your new normal. 

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