Karabo Mokoena
2 minute read
30 Apr 2020
2:30 pm

What does back-to-school look like for kids around the world?

Karabo Mokoena

As school reopen across the world, parents get to see how the future will look like for their children

Taiwan learners

To ensure that children are not at risk, these schools have implemented strategies that would maintain hygiene and social distancing.


On the 15 April 2020, Denmark opened some of its schools and implemented the below strategies to ensure proper hygiene and social distancing.

These included:

  • Each child now has their own desk
  • Students are sitting two yards (2 meters) away from each other
  • They are only allowed to play in small groups during recess
  • They wash their hands every hour for the full 6 hours of school

Denmark- Back-to-school


After 99 days of lockdown, China opened its school doors on the 26 April 2020 to younger kids in grades 1, 2, and 3. Teachers and students in Zangzhou, capital of Zhejiang Province in East China came up with creative social distancing strategies that will ensure that kids maintain a 1m space between each other.

  • Desks were spaced to maintain the 1m requirement
  • Teachers and students wear masks
  • Kids designed funky winged hats that ensure that they don’t get too close to their peers

China | Back-to-school


Taiwanese students went back to school after a short lockdown in February. When they went back to school, the administration had implemented a few changes:

  • Teachers and students are required to wear masks
  • Desks have been split up to implement social distancing

Taiwan learners


On 20 April Norway reopened some schools after entering into lockdown on March 12. This reopening took place even after parents objected to this proposal.

The changes that they implemented included:

  • Only 15 students are allowed in a class
  • Social distancing guidelines are drawn as flowers on the ground to ensure that kids abide by them


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