COLUMN: Teachers are parents too, so go easy on them


It is not business as usual, so don’t expect the teacher’s access to be perfect

If there is one thing a lot of parents are currently battling with, it is to wear their home and work hats at the same time. You have to be an employee (if you are still blessed to work) and a teacher to your kids at the same time.

Parents do not want their kids to be left behind too much and have made an effort to ensure that their kids are learning.

So, one could understand the frustrations they feel when the school teachers or coordinators are not sending them school work consistently. I saw some moms online sharing about the inconsistencies of the school that leave them inconvenienced because they end up not having anything to do with their kids.

The same overwhelming feeling every parent in a locked-down country is experiencing, teachers are also feeling.

They, too, have children and are also inconvenienced by the lockdown.

Yes. They went into the profession understanding the key role that they are playing in society. Education continues to be the key that unlocks a world of possibilities for people across the world.

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But right now, we are experiencing something the world has never seen. Individually, countries have initiated lockdowns to deal with their internal affairs. Right now the majority of the world is fighting a global pandemic.

So, it is important for us not to exist in a bubble that informs us that our problems are unique because they are not. Unless you are essential services, millions of people everywhere can’t work and their kids cant go to school.

So, over and above staying hopeful, it is important to practice empathy towards our kid’s teachers. If they started sending school content, then they are on the right path. But if they are missing some deadlines, then maybe their kid is also trying to jump off the kitchen cupboard like how yours almost did 2 minutes ago.

Parents going through the most #homeschooling

Someone is also screaming their name every 2-seconds trying to get their attention.

We are all trying to do our best with what we have been served.

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