Doctor loses custody of child because of coronavirus

The US based doctor is being discriminated against because she’s a frontline healthcare worker.

Being on the frontline of the coronaviryus pandemic has cost Dr Theresa Greene, a Florida based doctor, temporary custody over her daughter. This was after her ex-husband  filed for temporary sole custody of their little girl ‘due to her high exposure to covid-19 as a frontline medical doctor. The judge granted the order despite Greene having tested negative for the virus.

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The judge said, “In order to protect the best interests of the minor child.. this court temporarily suspends the former wife’s timesharing. The suspension is solely related to the outbreak of Covid-19.”

Greene has since made headlines, and was interviewed on CNN, about  what she and many others are calling a discriminatory judgement . Greene says, “If I was married, I’d be given the opportunity to go home to my child. It’s cruel to ask me to choose between my child and the oath I took as a physician.We’re there on the frontline, we’re risking our lives and to take our children away from us I just think is so cruel.” Greene says the judgment is discriminatory against healthcare workers who are divorced or are sole carers.


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