Oskido son well after 14 day self-quarantine

The DJ’s son went into self-quarantine after returning from Spain.

Local veteran DJ Oscar Mdlongwa, popularly known as Oskido is a relived dad as his son, who studies and plays soccer overseas in Spain, emerged out of his self-isolation with no covid-19 symptoms after undergoing a 14 day self-quarantine upon returning from Spain.

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The DJ shared his relief with fans on his social media account saying,”Spain, where my son studies & play soccer, has been one of the most hit countries by Corona virus. On his return home he went into a 14days self isolation as per World Health Organization recommendations. Today it’s day 15 and he is healthy. This war is real & far from over. Let us try keep safe by adhering to the most basic; wash your hands, stay at home if you can, keep social distance, see a doctor only if you notice any of the symptoms like – coughing, fever, tiredness, difficulty in breathing (but this occurs in severe cases).”

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