Karabo Mokoena
1 minute read
30 Mar 2020
10:00 am

‘BBC Dad’ parody shows how moms would handle the same situation

Karabo Mokoena

How would a mom have handled a disturbance during a BBC interview?

Jono and Ben-Youtube

His wife starts hysterically running after the kids to give dad some space to work. It is hilarious.

The next best thing is a woman being interviewed on BBC regarding international relations, whilst busy with 20 million other things, like how moms do. The video shows how a mom would handle the same situation.

Her kids walk in, and she does not look phased at all.

She then continues to check her roast chicken, iron her husband’s shirt, clean the toilet, and defuse a bomb all while continuing with the interview.

This is the perfect video to watch during our current times as we are on lockdown and have to figure out how to productively work from home while tending to our kids without helpers.

We all know moms have superpowers, and this parody reminds us of just that.

While the BBC dad immediately wanted to get the kids out of his office, the parody mom says moms would embrace everyone that walks in her office and not seem bothered, even a husband looking for his one sock.

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