LISTEN: Free range parenting versus structure and routine in a time of #salockdown

In this special lockdown chat, The Great Equalizer, parenting podcast, talks how to stay sane in this time of adjustment.

Like many of you, we’re wondering where our next pay check is coming from, if we’re going to afford rent next month, whether we’ll be able to pay employees, how we’re going combat crippling anxiety  or douse the depression that’s been creeping up on us (without it affecting our children). We’re also wondering how much crafty shit we can do with before our sanity takes a dip in the deep end. Look, there’s no doubt that the current situation is scary AF, so this week we’re doing the only thing we can. We’re taking one step at a time and just DOING THE NEXT RIGHT THING (Frozen style)
In Episode 60: SURVIVING SELF-ISOLATION (because we can, and we will), we chat about what we’ve been doing to stay sane in this time of adjustment. We debate free range parenting versus structure and routine and we share what we’ve done to keep our broods busy over the last week (long may our stamina last!).
We also get quite personal, sharing our Worst Case Scenarios (à la @nbcthisisus). We figured that if we faced our fears together, out loud, we could avoid being swallowed up by them. And you know what? It didn’t hurt. Yes, this episode is not all sunshine, rainbows and rose-tinted positivity. But it’s us, yo’ TGE gals, Sam and Charlene, at our most real and raw.
You’ll also be happy to know that, in this episode, we take a short break from #CoronaHysteria to chat about the Bennie’s Book Fayre. Were you there? Did you love it? If you want to get caught up on what went down that day, #listentothelatest.

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