Baby delivered by cops at Durban police station (Plus 5 things to do in an emergency delivery)

A baby boy in Durban just couldn’t wait for the ambulance to arrive at the police station.

When pregnant mom already in labour arrived at Folweni Police station in Durban at 7am to ask for help in calling an ambulance, the police on duty didn’t know they would be in fact, the ones who would ultimately deliver her baby.

Police spokesperson, Capt Nqobile Gwala says, “She urgently requested an ambulance. She had started her labour and needed help. Five police officers rallied together to organise tools for the baby’s arrival including a pair of scissors, gloves, a bottle for the woman to blow into and warm water. The mother could not wait for the arrival of the ambulance and suddenly delivered the baby, with the assistance of Folweni SAPS.”

The police also enlisted the help of a midwife who lives next door to the hospital to deliver a healthy baby boy. The healthy mom and baby were then taken to Prince Mshiyeni hospital.

Emergency delivery basics:

Call an ambulance

No matter how advanced the labour is ensure that there is professional medical help on the way.

Stay calm

The calmer you are, the easier it will be for this natural process to happen. “When things go quickly, everything is usually fine,” says Marjorie Greenfield, M.D., author of The Working Woman’s Pregnancy Book and director of general obstetrics and gynecology at UH MacDonald Women’s Hospital, in Cleveland.

Get clean towels and blankets

You will need the to wipe the baby and also keep them warm

Make mom comfortable when it time to push

Guide out the head while watching for the head

Leave the umbilical cord alone

Let trained medical professionals do the cord cutting as this also requires sterilized instruments





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