MYTHS BUSTED: The truth about the most ridiculous local pregnancy myths

“Drinking orange juice will cause the baby to have jaundice”.

If you’ve ever been pregnant or been close to someone who was pregnant you’ll know there’s very few situations that have as many myths associated with them as pregnancy does. Every single person who meets a pregnant person or a new mom just can’t help themselves but offer their piece of this and that – but most of the this and that is unfortunately in many instances myth and far from the truth. Here are some of the most common myths we’ve received from what are actually well-meaning strangers, parents and relatives:

Myth: Your nose is big; you must be carrying a boy

Truth: There is no physical symptom that will indicate whether you’re carrying a boy or girl. An ultrasound, though it’s also not always 100% accurate, is still the most reliable way to find out the sex of a baby during pregnancy.

Myth: You’re carrying high, you’re having a boy

Truth: According to Medical News Today, “A study published in the journal Birth in 1999 concluded that women who used this and other means of predicting the sex of their babies were unlikely to be right. Factors that determine the shape and size of a pregnant woman’s bump include the size of the foetus and its position. If the baby’s back is parallel with the mother’s, the pregnancy bump tends to be flat.”

Myth: Drinking orange juice while pregnant will cause your baby to have jaundice

Truth: Infant jaundice occurs when your baby’s blood contains excess bilirubin which is the yellow pigment contained in red blood cells. This is a result of the baby’s liver not being mature enough to rid the baby’s bloodstream of excess bilirubin.

Myth: You have heartburn that means your baby is going to have a lot of hair

Truth: There’s only been a single and small study that has ever pointed toward there possibly being a connection between the level of heartburn an expectant mother has and the amount of hair that their newborn will have. However, heartburn is certainly a common pregnancy side effect

Myth: You need to eat for two when you’re pregnant

Truth: There has never been any evidence that proves that you need to eat for two when you’re pregnant. The most important factor with regards to pregnancy and food is that pregnant moms eat a balanced diet.


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