Takkies glows in new pregnancy pic

Takkies glows in new pregnancy pic


Her radiant smile never fades, and she’s a very happy mama.

Nkateko Dinwiddy, better known as Takkies, is absolutely radiant in her recent Instagram photo. She looks like she is almost ready to be the sexy mama of two.

Takkies surprised her followers on 25 December 2019 when she shared a family picture that showed her baby bump for the first time. With over 30,000 likes, the news took her followers by storm.

She has since been sharing regular pictures of her bump and her journey. She even shared a video on her weaning process when she was taking Sana off breastmilk.

She has also been admiring all the changes her body is going through. In one post she shared that “I’m loving my beautiful body and appreciate all the changes it needs to go through to grow life”.

She does look like a happy mama and we can’t wait to meet the next member of the Dinwiddy family.

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