A co-sleeping bed in the maternity ward

This bed allows mothers to co-sleep with their newborn children right after childbirth.

You have just given birth to your child and you want nothing else than to keep them close to you. Or, you have just birthed via C-section and are too uncomfortable to hold your little human. Hospital says that the baby needs to be in their own bassinet. This is because hospitals don’t promote co-sleeping because it is regarded as a safety hazard for the baby.

What if there was a maternity bed that allowed you to co-sleep safely?

BellyBelly might have a solution for you.

They posted a picture of a co-sleeping maternity bed that has gone viral.

This bed allows mothers to sleep with their newborns without risking their wellbeing.

“I remember how I held the bassinet with one arm as I slept that night” one mom shared with us. Some mothers even get off the bed to check on their little ones a few times during the night to check if they are still breathing.

For breastfeeding moms, this bed offers a bigger convenience. Instead of having to reach out to the bassinet or get out the bed, your baby is right next to you.

BellyBelly notes some incredible benefits for co-sleeping with the baby.

  • Babies can easily get into daytime and nighttime sleeping patterns
  • Parents can tend to the baby’s needs more conveniently
  • Babies rouse themselves easier, meaning that don’t wake up entirely but stay in a light sleep during the night
  • Parents can bond with the baby much easier
  • Moms can maintain a better milk supply
  • Parents can get more sleep instead of waking up every few hours to tend to the baby

These beds are a genius idea and it would be great to have them in maternity wards.

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