A breastfeeding-friendly restaurant in Australia is going viral

The Willows Cafe and Wine Bar in Sydney.

Breastfeeding in public is a human right, but still perceived as taboo by many.

The Willows Cafe and Winebar in Sidney, Australia, is a restaurant that welcomes all breastfeeding moms and offers moms a pit stop for breastfeeding.

Instead of moms hiding in the baby room or a public toilet, they offer them a seat and a free cup of tea.

In an article posted by Indy100 which went viral with breastfeeding moms who argued that this was still a contentious issue for many feeding their babies in public, where they are either asked to cover up or go into a separate room.

This restaurant does not even require mums to buy anything. They can just grab a chair and, as they say, relax.

The act of breastfeeding in public has been viewed as abnormal and taboo and is still up for debate.

Some local restaurants in South Africa such as Spur have embraced moms that breastfeed when they are out.


They state:

“No one may ask the woman to cover up the act of breastfeeding, or to ask a woman to breastfeed in a designated area [other than] the area they have chosen.”

Breastfeeding is a vital part of a child’s development, and breastfeeding in a public restroom is extremely unhygienic. For a woman to be required to choose this option is unacceptable.

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