Olwethu Leshabane talks toxic masculinity

Olwethu Leshabane talks about the reality of raising boys.

“Patriarchy lays dormant in my kids.”

These are the words passionately expressed by Oh Baby’s Olwethu Leshabane as she shares about the realities of raising three boys in part 2 of Parenty’s chat with the presenter.

In light of the #menaretrash and #metoo movements, she openly talks about the toxic conversations we have as parents and what we teach our boys.

She also chats to about taking accountability when it comes to things like sex and pregnancy where her boys are concerned.

“Pregnancy is not only something a girl is responsible for, while boys run and move on as nothing happened,” she says.

Olwethu shares her motivation behind starting her blogging journey and her podcast The Sit Down with Olwe2lesh. 

Watch the interview below:

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