Olwethu Leshabane’s 5 tips on surviving the holidays as a parent

Host of parenting show 'Oh Baby' and mom of three Olwethu Leshabane gives us her tips on surviving the holidays as a parent | Image: The Citizen/ Refilwe Modise

From signing up to reading clubs to letting them draw on the walls, check out the television host’s unique suggestions.

As a mom, former Mrs South Africa first princess, digital strategist, media entrepreneur and now television host Olwethu Leshabane has a lot on her plate.

As such, very few parents have the kind of strategy she has for the holidays.

Her incredibly full life has also provided most of the content for her blog and Instagram page but at the core of it all, Leshabane is all about being a giver and a superwoman.

When it comes to unwinding, she swears by meditation, prayer, blogging, a long bath or just relaxing with a book. And when it comes to surviving the holidays with your kids around, here are a few tips she swears by:

  1. Find a grandparent
  2. Give the kids a new hobby
  3. Drop the kids off at holiday daycare a few days a week
  4. Find creative ways to keep them busy at home
  5. Sign them up for reading clubs

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