2019’s hottest Halloween costumes

Who will you go dressed as?

Adults and children alike are frantically planning what to wear for their costume parties and concerts this Halloween. No despair, Parenty is here to give you some ideas. Below is a list of the most popular Halloween costumes to try this year.


Halloween Costume

Credit – Pinterest

Since chapter 2 is coming, IT has become quite a popular costume to try in 2019. It’s a fun makeup tryout that every girl will enjoy doing on themselves or their kids. So pull out the pale look, the ponies and the red balloon and you are good to go.


Halloween Costume

Credit – Pinterest

Witches are never out of season for Halloween, whether it is 1999 or 2019. So try on the witch look, either for adults or for the kiddies. Your kids will enjoy looking gothic in a black tutu and a black hat. Don’t forget the dark eye shadow to complete the look.

Stranger Things

Halloween Costume

Credit – instagram

Your obsession with Stranger Things does not have to start and finish with binging on Netflix. Eleven’s outfits are the perfect costume this Halloween. The whole family can try out the different looks and you could all look like the complete gang.

Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X in “Old Town Road”

Old Town Road

We should all admit that this song is quite the hit in 2019. So for the sake of being relevant to pop culture, Billy Ray Cyrus and Lil Nas X rocked some pretty cool cowboy looks that could be very fun to try out. Maybe have a karaoke session and bust ”Old Town Road”.


Credit – Pinterest

One of my favourite productions of 2019 was Jordan Peele’s ‘Us’. Those were by far the best Dopplegängers I’ve seen. So why not try out the red utility suits and some (not-so-sharp) scissors to complete the look.

Men in Black

Halloween Costume

Credit – Pinterest

This is the perfect look for couples. Don’t tell me that Men in Black is outdated. Have you not seen the sequel? Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson (badass) deserve to be celebrated. It is also a pretty simple look, and I am sure you have some black pants and a white shirt in your wardrobe somewhere. So, do the right thing.

Toy Story

Credit – Pinterest

Woody and Buzz Lightyear are back! This must be one of the most loved Halloween costumes ever. The entire family can get involved.

So why not start planning now!

*Compiled by Karabo Motsiri

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