Halloween crafts ideas you don’t want to miss

Want to create a few ‘spookalicious” decorations for your home this Halloween? We’ve put together a few of our favourites.

The little ones really look forward to Halloween. It’s a fun occasion for them filled with exciting spookiness. It doesn’t have to be fun for them, and expensive for the parents. The crafts below are very easy and fun to create. They can make anyone excited for Halloween.

Paper plate witch houses

Halloween Paper Plates

Paper plates serve so many purposes. For these houses, all you need are small paper plates, cutouts to make witch hats and little ghosts. Oh, and some creativity.

Paper plate pumpkins

Halloween Pumpkins

Kids can create fun and spooky pumpkin faces using paper plates. They can put them together using a single string or paper. Every face can have a different expression.

Haunted house

Haunted House

Empty juice cartons can be used to create a creepy haunted house. All the kids have to do is paint them in one color, draw a creepy face, and insert a candle underneath. And there is your haunted house.

Toilet paper roll Bat

Halloween bats

Bats are big during Halloween. You and the kids can create awesome bats out of toilet paper rolls. You can create cutouts for bat wings, bend and paint the roll and 2 googly eyes. Then you paint the toilet paper roll in black paint, and your bats are good to go. The kids can create a couple of these and place them all over the house (just to freak everyone out).

You can also suggest they create the bats in rainbow colors if black really freaks you out.

Rainbow bats


Halloween Spiders

Spiders, like bats, are also big on Halloween. Create a couple of these creepy crawlies and place them all around the house, and boo! All you need is black paper. You simply fold it up, and draw and cut out a spider. You will get a couple of spiders from a single cut out. Try it, it’s fun, considering no one has a spider phobia in your house.


Halloween Skeletons

All you need are a couple of earbuds, and a cut out of a skeletal head. Then you are good to go to create and paste a couple of these boys on people’s doors.

If you aren’t big on using your precious earbuds, you can get a couple of straws that the kids can cut and paste.

Mummy jars

Halloween Haunted Houses

To create the perfect mummy jar lanterns, all you need is a used jar, bandages, googly eyes, and a candle. All you do is wrap the bandage around the jar, paste the googly eyes and place the candle inside the jar.

We hope you have lots of fun creating these with your little ones.

*compiled by Karabo Motsiri

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