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After the success of sold-out events held in Cape Town, Elana Afrika’s Parent + Baby Brunch will soon be making its debut in Gauteng on Saturday, 31 August. 

The event, hosted at the Idlewild Country Estate (Olifantsfontein), will be jam-packed with information sessions on early childhood development, practical advice for new parents, healthy eating, spousal support and childcare. With inspiring guest speakers, including Letshego Zulu, Melissa Swart and a variety of other parenting experts.

Elana Afrika Baby Brunch

Baby Brunch 2018

Additional topics to look forward to are how you can play with a young and developing baby, how to best manage your time, an insightful panel discussion on being a parent in modern times, what to expect from your medical aid when having a baby, and that all-important word, “balance”.

The Parent & Baby Brunch was created by Elana, who after welcoming her 1st daughter discovered a desperate need for support from other moms, and through experiences, “I realised I was not alone in wanting to expand my parenting knowledge and form more meaningful connections with others moms,” she states. “Becoming a parent, especially for the first time, can be very overwhelming. And you often feel alone, which is so not necessary.

As a result of all of these real-life experiences that Elana encountered, the invitation to her brunch promises to be far more than just an event; it is indeed a support network for all parents to encourage, learn and grow together in a positive, empowering environment.


Elana explains, “I wanted to create a support system for parents who have issues with difficult pregnancies or babies with illnesses to help them realise that they haven’t done anything wrong. In the world of celebrity and media that I live in, there is this perception projected that everything has to be perfect and balanced. I wanted to create a new normal for parents; simply – your abnormal is normal.”

The popularity of the event’s brand extension, BABY BRUNCH: THE PARENTING SERIES podcast, is proof of just how helpful these resources have become to many parents. Elana’s parenting podcast currently ranks on the list of most popular South African podcasts.

So how does Elana herself manage to keep it together with her demanding career? She emphasises: “I put my hand up a lot, saying that I need help when I do. It’s ok to let your friends know when you’re not fine. Real friends will lend a hand or help. I also belong to Whatsapp groups with only moms on it, and apart from a very hands-on husband that helps me a great deal, I also have a team in place that helps me with various aspects of my career. You can’t and you don’t have to do it all alone! And there’s a time and place for everything – I prioritise when I need to read emails, respond to messages and more. And again, ask for help when needed. There’s absolutely nothing to be ashamed about when you do. In fact, it’ll most likely be a welcome relief for other parents to see they’re not the only ones struggling.”

Elana Afrika Baby Brunch

Elana concludes: “Parenting is not new and has been around for ages. What has changed are our environments we live in, and therefore finding the right people to join us during these exciting times in our lives, where we don’t have to feel or try and do it all alone. I truly encourage everyone going through parenthood to come and experience it for themselves.”

For more information, visit (where you can also subscribe to the newsletter and read Elana’s parenting blogs), and join the conversation on social media @BabyBrunchSA.

Tickets for the event are now available at R275 per person through

Tickets include brunch, live entertainment, a pamper station by Epimax and a goodie bag packed with exciting and relevant products.

Elana Afrika Baby Brunch 2019

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