A sense of the journey to come

Each day that you respond to your baby’s needs, your bond will grow deeper and become more meaningful.

Parenthood is a journey – a wonderful, exciting and beautiful one. By bonding with your infant, you share a unique emotional intimacy. While you are on your bonding voyage, it is important to remember that your relationship follows a process, and is not only about ensuring a certain outcome. Each and every day that you respond to your baby’s needs, gaze into their eyes and shower them with your love and affection, your bond will grow deeper and become more meaningful.

And, there are many ways to encourage bonding. Consider these …

…the power of touch
Your little one responds to touch right from the start. Your warm touch will help your baby feel secure and warm in your embrace – and, of course, encourage bonding. The simple act of resting your baby against your chest will be reassuring for them. Newborn skin is sensitive – by simply stroking the palm of their hand, cheeks or the soles of their tiny feet you will be creating a moment of connection.

…the power of eye contact
When you look into your baby’s eyes, you are showing them that all your attention is focussed on them – and in this way you are forming an essential connection. When feeding or carrying your baby, make funny faces, smile and look into your baby’s eyes to promote attachment.

…the power of sound
Your tot soon becomes familiar with your voice and sounds such as talking or singing will bring your baby comfort. Also, resting him or her on your chest near your heart is soothing for babies. The sound of your heartbeat is relaxing.

…the power of baths
Baby bathing means much more than just a way to keep your baby clean. It is an opportunity for parents to get to know their little ones. Even the act of topping and tailing your little one with rich moisture wipes is a good way to spend time together. You can also hop into the bath with your little ‘un – the lukewarm water will be relaxing for both you and them.

There are so many ways to connect with your baby and simple daily activities can boost your attachment – if you give it some attention. Touch, sound, eye contact and bathing are just a few ways to form this special bond. And since every parent is different, caring for your baby your way is perfectly perfect!

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