The Great Equalizer Podcast – Stay at home moms

Parenty has joined forces with The Great Equalizer, an unfiltered, honest and (at times) irreverent account of the realities of being a parent in modern-day South Africa.

The show is hosted by local Joburg moms, Sam Herbst and Charlene Armstrong, who believe that all parents are rocking the same kind of crazy. It doesn’t matter who you were pre-kid, what colour skin you’re in, how rich or poor you are, or whether you’re gay or straight… If you’re a parent, you know what it’s like to smell your kid’s butt in public and you can probably identify with fantasising about killing your sleeping partner during a 03:00 am wakeup call.


Here at The Great Equalizer they laugh, bitch and cry about the ups and downs of thier current upside-down. There’s just one rule (and it’s non-negotiable)… absolutely NO JUDGIES. Okay? Okay.

*And because your hosts don’t know what the frack they’re doing 99% of the time, they touch base with experts who do. So, hey, you may just learn something too 😉

Sam Herbst


Sam is a recovering workaholic who has suffered through several identity crises since quitting her full-time job as a magazine editor and journalist to venture out into the world of freelance writing, editing and digital marketing. Her passion for children and all things motherhood gave birth to the idea of an honest and authentic parenting podcast that would (hopefully) provide a safe haven for parents to be 100% okay with not being okay. We’re all just doing our best, right?

Who lives in Sam’s house?

Sam lives in Joburg East with her husband, Ray (who’s amazing and definitely not an asshole) and their toddler son, the very handsome and precocious Elijah (who is friendly almost to a fault). FeeBee’s there too, the adopted ginger-tabby cat who always knew she would end up at the Herbsts one day.

Charlene Armstrong


A veritable hive of activity, Charlene does not sit still (or keep quiet) for a second. Her impassioned energy and ‘lus vir die lewe’ initially fed into her experience as a manager and staff trainer in the corporate world but, soon after becoming a mom herself, Charlene became motivated to teach, guide, support and train new parents and childcare professionals. As a qualified baby massage therapist and manager of Littlies Nanny Agency – all in addition to her regular hustle – she has a finger in many pies, though most of these roles have one thing in common: Empowering parents and caregivers to fill their homes with the necessary love and support needed to future-proof their homes and optimise their children’s development

Who lives in Charlene’s house?

Charlene lives in Joburg West with her hilarious husband, Rhett (who’s also, not an asshole). Also in the wings is the couple’s firstborn sasshole, almost-three-year-old Joshua (AKA JDawg) – who’s bossy, 200% loveable and looks just like his mom – and their last born baba, Jesse-Lynn (AKA Little Red), who looks nothing like her mom and fulfils the cliché of growing up way too fast in every single way.

This week on The Great Equalizer, Sam is a deer in the headlights ????, Charlene is invisible ???? and Nadia is here too… Wait, what? Yes, folks. Nadia Gabriel, AKA The Non-Adventures of SAHM, is in the house and we are talking STAY-AT-HOME MOMS.

Sam and Charlene grill this mommy blogger about what exactly she does all day. You know, between the Netflix binging and all the blogger freebies. Anyone else curious as to what it’s really like to be a stay-at-home mom? Tune in to hear the ups and downs of Nadia’s upside-down.

Listen here

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