7 tech free road trip hacks for children

A little ‘old fashioned’ play will do wonders for those hours spent in the car

Taking road trips with our children can seem a little daunting at times. Especially if we know that we will be on the road for hours. But it doesn’t need to be this way. There are countless ways to keep those busy minds occupied without switching on the Ipad.

Here are just a few:

Roadside Stops

Before the trip find out which are the best places to see along the way. Museums, historical spots, gardens and statues. It’s a great way to stretch the legs and release some pent up energy.

Object spotting

Nothing gets the competitive side going than a spotting game. Cars, resturants, bridges and airplanes. Playing the game ‘I SPY” or get the kids to choose a colour and they have to count all the cars in that colour, whoever gets to 20 first, wins.


Preparing snacks that are not sugarloaded and full the tummy instead, Cheese and nuts. Water. Crackers and the like. Snacks break the montony of the trip.

CD stories and songs

Taking along a set of audio stories and rhymes is a great boredom buster. There is nothing quite like singing at the top your lungs to keep those little minds entertained.

Activity Books

Be sure to pack a few colouring pages, dot to dot and wordsearch books. Pull different ones out when the kids start to get edgy.

Toy Bags

Get your children to choose a few of their favourite toys before you leave. Store them in a back pack and rotate them after using some of the other “hacks”. Let them get involved in some fantasy play.

Educational Play

Counting in 2’s, 3’s, 5’s etc. Ask questions like – name the mamal, insect, bird. What animal sound is it? Use the alphabet to your advantage ie: (animals, things, transport) that start with a B.

I hope you find these ideas helpful!

Parenty logo 2Jacqui Bester is firstly a wife, and mom to five rambunctious children who drive her nuts and fill her heart with unspeakable joy all in the space of a single day. She writes about her day to day adventures and misadventures in parenting, life and marriage. Jacqui is known for sharing a brutally honest account of her MESSY “mamahood”… the joy, the fun, the laughter and the tears. She enjoys a good mystery-crime novel with a lovely glass of red wine, trying out new foods and restaurants with her hubby on the odd date-night, exploring new places, learning new skills, and generally anything else that calls for a more adventurous approach to life. You can find her over on One Messy Mama.

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