Eric Naki
Political Editor
2 minute read
9 Feb 2021
6:01 am

SSA requires major ‘overhaul’ after political abuses

Eric Naki

The DA has suggested the SSA be replaced by an independent, efficient and transparent state security agency.

State Security Minister Ayanda Dlodlo. Picture: ANA

The general feeling among security and policing analysts and opposition politicians is that the pre-Jacob Zuma era intelligence set-up be restored, but with tighter oversight mechanism to prevent political abuses. They suggested that after a long period when the disgraced State Security Agency (SSA) was abused for an ANC factional agenda, a new intelligence dispensation was needed. Various people suggested a non-partisan intelligence body that will serve the interests of the nation and not those of the state, a political party or an individual. ALSO READ: Zuma pocketed spy money, spent millions on positive media spin, Zondo hears Security expert and...