Former Google head slammed after alarmist viral Covid-19 voice note

WeWork Africa GM Stafford Masie | Image: Twitter

Masie vowed to take very ‘big evasive actions’ with all his staff and his family after advice allegedly given to him by the doctor.

WeWork Africa General Manager Stafford Masie, who was previously the head of Google’s South African operations, has had to issue a statement clarifying a voice note that he sent to friends, which has since gone viral.

Masie began his statement by apologising to the doctor he quoted.

“Firstly, I want to sincerely apologise for the voice note – there is no excuse for it Dr Oliver – I am so sorry! I can only imagine your anger and disgust.” 

Masie justified the existence of the voice note by explaining that it was only meant to be for his family whom he wanted to inspire to be more cautious given the rising infection rates. 

“Nevertheless, I am wrong. I am so sorry the voice note has been shared outside of the private family WhatsApp group and you have been notified of it,” said Masie before promising to do whatever he can to help “mitigate the consequences of this voice note”.

In the voice note, Stafford recalled a recent doctor’s visit with a doctor Oliver after a suspected spider bite. 

According to Masie the doctor then advised him to “put his family back in lockdown 5” which included keeping public outings down to a minimum and taking all the precautionary measures after having undertaken a grocery run. 

“He said that what they’re seeing on the medical front and what is about to happen in the next two to three weeks he says is going to shock us. He says in the next two to three weeks we’re going to see what Italy saw and what London saw, what Milan saw and Spain, Madrid etc,” added Masie. 

“He scared me, extensively. He worried me when he spoke to me now and he said to me that I should stop coming to work,” he added. 

Masie then vowed to take very “big evasive actions” with all his staff and his family. 

Taking to Facebook, Dr Mark Oliver shared a screenshot of Masie’s apology along with a caption stating that he has not seen or spoken to Masie for seven months and that he strongly distances himself from such “maligned opinion”.

This post serves to notify anyone that has heard a voice note by Stafford Masie claiming that I gave him Covid advice. I…

Posted by Mark Oliver on Tuesday, 23 June 2020

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