Whites will only feel safe in SA when the land issue has been resolved – Ntsiki Mazwai

Ntsiki Mazwai

The controversial poet seems to believe that the land will be expropriated and its ownership redistributed no matter what the law states.

After causing yet another bruhaha with her thoughts on South Africans expressing their sadness about the death of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, controversial poet and musician Ntsiki Mazwai has now set her sights on a new target: white people.

She began by asking her followers how they feel about having the country’s justice system allegedly “controlled” by white people.

She then proceeded to comment on the impending expropriation of land after another Twitter user shared statistics from a petition hosted on dearsouthafrica.co.za that allegedly sees more people against the idea of expropriation than those who were for it.

She asked if white people were aware that their continued discomfort was linked to the country’s current status of land ownership as her tweets became increasingly ominous.

Her comments come in the wake of the ANC putting forward a proposal to place the power to determine issues related to expropriation with the executive and not the judiciary as is currently the case.

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