Nando’s fires back at Bujy for demanding respect

Media personality Bujy Bikwa | Image: Instagram

The media personality demanded respect and ended up getting the opposite.

Media personality Bujy Bikwa has drawn the ire of international fast-food chain Nando’s after he tried to lambaste them for the name of their new product, the “Boujee Bowl.”

After spotting the brand’s new billboard for their product in traffic, Bujy snapped a picture and posted it on Twitter with the caption: “I’ve been Bujy stepping in the game since 2009 and @NandosSA comes with its Boujee Bowl as if the name is new… ???? Nandos must pay respect where it’s due… I honestly don’t understand how they can just get away with using my name and not pay respect!”

Born Sthembinkosi Junior Bikwa, Bujy began his career as a content producer and co-host of Drive Time on YFM before gaining fame on the SABC1 reality competition Dance Your Butt Off between 2010 and 2011.

He has gone on to host and feature as a guest on various South African television and radio programmes under the name Bujy.

Bujy is a variation of the French word “bourgeoisie” which is spelt in many ways as there has never been a global consensus on the correct spelling: boujee/boujie/bougee/bougie.

Although the original word was used to refer to things, people and habits “of middle-class status,” and as an adjective for a generic description of middle/upper-middle-class materialism, it has (in recent years) been used to describe high-end tastes reports USA Today.

Nonetheless, Nando’s was not having Bujy’s demands and their feisty social media manager hit back by tweeting: “O ntse o phela? [Are you still alive] But then again… If you lived up to your name, you would’ve had your own bowl.”

No word on how Bujy feels about the stinging clapback but Twitter users from across South Africa were glad to see it, although there were those who had their doubts about the sincerity of the disagreement.

(Compiled by Kaunda Selisho)

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