Twins? Northern Cape Premier gets mistaken for Seal

Twins? Northern Cape Premier gets mistaken for Seal

Northern Cape Premier Zamani Saul and musician Seal | Image: Twitter

‘Just sign those autographs leadership, it will take less time than trying to explain,’ suggested one of his followers.

Northern Cape Premier and ANC Northern Cape Provincial Chairperson Dr. Zamani Sual may have a career as a stunt double if his recent experience is anything to go by.

The politician took to Twitter to share what he calls one of many experiences he has had where he was mistaken for musician Seal.

“Is there a resemblance here? Just today a white boy called her mom to come and meet with Seal. I’ve encountered this in the country and abroad more than 1000 times,” tweeted Saul.

The tweet has been shared close to 150 times and has received over 800 likes with many responding to confirm that they did indeed look alike.

There also seemed to be a large number of followers who were under the impression that Saul had been appointed as minister and not premier.

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