Gwen Ngwenya compares Hofmeyr and Van Damme’s actions

Gwen Ngwenya compares Hofmeyr and Van Damme’s actions

Phumzile Van Damme, Gwen Ngwenya, Steve Hofmeyr

The former DA policy head believes the ‘self-defence’ and ‘death threat’ are one and the same.

The Democratic Alliance’s (DA) Gwen Ngwenya has been accused of not liking fellow DA member Phumzile Van Damme after the former compared the latter’s recent actions to that of Steve Hofmeyr.

Van Damme first made headlines earlier this week when she shared how she punched a man in the head in alleged self-defence following a race row at a popular Cape Town shopping complex and demanded that complex management ban the family that supposedly antagonised her.

In response to Van Damme’s tweets regarding the incident as well as the recent headline-making tweets seemingly sent by Zindzi Mandela, controversial Afrikaans musician Steve Hofmeyr tweeted a threat to the pair.

“… when you come to take our lives&land, you WILL die. Our contract is that simple. And don’t you forget it,” tweeted Hofmeyr.

His tweet instantly received backlash as a credible threat of violence against two women with many calling for him to be sanctioned for inciting violence but Ngwenya did not agree with the calls as evidenced by her tweets comparing the incidents.

“You lowkey don’t like @zilevandamme neh?” asked Twitter user @tebohoreginald to which Van Damme replied: “High-key. She knows why.”

Ngwenya’s users engaged her on the issue, with some coming to Van Damme’s defence but Ngwenya was not having it.

Though Van Damme has been actively responding to the conversation/issue on Twitter, Ngwenya seems to have actively been avoiding addressing her directly and opted to speak about her and not to her.

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