Nigeria’s First Lady urges Africans to listen to Malema’s advice to Ramaphosa

Cyril Ramaphosa and Julius Malema. Picture: EFF/Twitter

Cyril Ramaphosa and Julius Malema. Picture: EFF/Twitter

Nigerians have, however, told the First Lady to show Malema’s video to her husband.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s wife, Aisha, sparked a debate on African politcians on Friday after sharing a video of Economic Freedom Fighters leader Julius Malema advising President Cyril Ramaphosa in parliament.

Following the swearing in of members of parliament, the EFF leader told Ramaphosa not to surround himself with “praise singers”. He said the position Ramaphosa held needed people who would tell him the truth at all times.

He further advised him to use young politicians in the ruling party, instead of recycling those who had been in service since former president Nelson Mandela’s reign.

He said: “Mr President, we congratulate you and we hope that you will be president of a corrupt-free government and you will not subject yourself to views of factionalism.

“There are people who thrive through patronising presidents. They tell you all you want to hear, and as a result you are unable to make informed decisions because you surround yourself with praise singers and yes men and yes women.

“I’ve seen young men and women from the benches of the ANCl maybe it is time to consider them so they can come to you with fresh ideas, with new ideas, and if they don’t like positions they will be able to be honest with you.

“You need someone who’s going to be honest with you. The position you occupy needs someone who’s going to be honest with you because those who failed were told many times that they were right even when they were wrong.”

Nigeria’s First Lady, Aisha, shared the video on social media and urged fellow Nigerians and those who follow her to listen to the EFF leader’s advice.

“Teamwork, listen to advice,” said the First Lady.

Those who watched the video also commented positively and in admiration of the CiC. However, fellow Nigerians told Aisha that instead of telling others to listen to Malema, she should share the video with her husband.

Jovi Usude wrote: “Madam, please give your husband the video to watch in the privacy of the other room while you advise him. He is the one who needs to hear this advice,” while Mahmoud Nasidi said: “This is what Mr President need to see, hear and listen to. May we see positive changes.”

The EFF leader and Ramaphosa were recently lauded by Zimbabwe’s MDC leader  Nelson Chamisa for their “maturity”.

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