‘It’s clear whites won’t give up power,’ says Lebyane of Verwoerd’s grandson as MP

Penny Lebyane | Image: Instagram

Penny Lebyane | Image: Instagram

Lebyane says blacks take everything for granted and are shocked when this happens.

Broadcaster Penny Lebyane took to Twitter on Wednesday to express her annoyance with news that the grandson of Dr Hendrik F Verwoerd, Dr Wynand Boshoff,  is set to become a member of parliament (MP).

Verwoerd is commonly referred to as the “architect of apartheid” due to his strict enforcement of institutionalised racial segregation and separate development during his time in power as South Africa’s last prime minister.

Lebyane tweeted: “Blacks take everything for granted and get shocked when [this] happen[s].”

She further tweeted that it is clear that Boshoff becoming an MP was an indication that “whites are determined to hold on to everything and [they] [won’t] give up power and control”, concluding by stating that she was “pissed by it”.

Boshoff, the son of Orania founder Prof Carel Boshoff, will head to parliament as a Freedom Front Plus MP.

Boshoff’s mother, Anna, was the daughter of Verwoerd, who served as prime minister of South Africa from 1958 to 1966.

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