WATCH: Trevor Noah jokes about Malema and ‘white genocide’ on Daily Show, divides SA

The Daily Show host has been accused of being careless with his commentary but others say he’s reflecting facts.

Comedian and The Daily Show host Trevor Noah divided social media users after airing a compilation of EFF leader Julius Malema’s past comments.

Noah compared Malema to American President Donald Trump.

He played a clip in which Malema said he did not know the future and was not calling for the killing of white people, “at least not for now” and said the EFF leader talked about the genocide like a remodelling of his kitchen.

However, he has been highly criticised and accused of encouraging the white genocide narrative that some members of the right in America believe about South Africa.

“Julius is Donald Trump of Mzansi? Ya neh! Call it what you want but Trevor perpetuates the Afriforum fear-mongering that there’s white genocide in South Africa. The issue is the comparison in a non-existent genocide. I’m not talking about his satire, he can do that. But akere we catching feelings,” said Country Duty leader Tumi Sole.

However, some defended Noah and said he’d only replayed Malema’s past interviews and commented on them.

It was Malema’s duty to be careful with his words, they argued.

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