Wife of local rapper blasted for calling him the n-word, dismisses as inside joke

Kacha Stepanovic

Kacha Stepanovic

The businesswoman was inspired by Rachel Kolisi’s attempts to criticize women who continue to hit on her husband.

Businesswoman and wife of former Teargas member Bantu Hanabe (popularly known as Ntukza) has come under fire after old social media posts of her repeatedly referring to her husband using the n-word have resurfaced.

Kacha Stepanovic gained public attention after she commented on Rachel Kolisi’s latest efforts to curb the female attention that her rugby player husband Siya Kolisi has been getting.

Kolisi took to Instagram in search of a woman that she wanted to reprimand after she allegedly found a saucy image of the scantily clad woman in her husband’s inbox.

Many commended Rachel for her approach while others commented on the negative perception that her behaviour was casting on her marriage.

In a series of since-deleted tweets, Stepanovic sympathised with Rachel, stating that being married to a famous man helps her understand the behaviour married women have to put up with from their husbands’ female fans.

Stepanovic later ended up debating a few Twitter users who looked into her old posts and found numerous references to her husband as the n-word.

Twitter users then tweeted Stepanovic directly, questioning her use of the divisive racial slur.

Stepanovic went on the offensive after her repeated nonchalant use of the racial slur was questioned. She told fans that using a racial slur on her husband was an inside joke between the two of them and she accused Twitter users of taking her use of the word out of context.

She went on to refer to the use of the slur as a “cute reference” and has since dug in her heels about being unapologetic about using the term.

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