Helen Zille offers Danny K spelling lessons after white privilege tweet

Danny K. Picture: Provided.

Danny K. Picture: Provided.

The singer’s tweet on the ‘lack of empathy’ shown by SA white people got him chastised by the Western Cape Premier.

Pop star Danny K, real name Daniel Koppel, earned both criticism and support for a tweet in which he said he was “totally bewildered with the lack of empathy shown by many white South Africans”.

“You don’t need to be woke to get that, for the most part, we have benefited from the marginalisation and exclusion of people of colour. Own your priveldge [sic], appreciate it and pay it forward,” he continued.

The Citizen reported yesterday that the tweet had ruffled some white feathers.

Now Western Cape Premier Helen Zille has joined the fray, although she had nothing to say about the content of Koppel’s tweet, choosing instead to focus on spelling errors in it. “You need some spelling lessons,” she tweeted.

“When @helenzille ignores a plea to call out racism, appreciate privilege and chastises you over spelling. Really !?” was the singer’s response.

Singer-songwriter and onetime Boo! frontman Chris Chamelon, who recently appeared in a music video made by AfriForum singing the song Die Gelofte with other well-known Afrikaans musicians, turned Koppel’s tweet around, tweeting the exact same thing only with “black” substituted for “white”.

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“See what you doing here Chris and while I totally agree with ur rework of my tweet you may have missed that my comment reflects MY reality and what I see and hear around me as a white South African. Are we brave enough to call your own out if they perpetuate behind close doors?” was Danny K’s response.

The singer later took to Twitter to call the response to his tweets “fascinating” and say he “supports the right to freedom of speech” of all who responded, even those he didn’t agree with.

“If we could focus that passion (on both sides) towards building a place in which we ALL can win – we would be further along than we are,” he tweeted.

“Thank you for all the support – black, white, and everyone in between. Reflection, ownership and an honest dialogue is desperately needed to bring us together. This is the South Africa I envisage, this is the South Africa I am committed to fighting for,” he said in yet another tweet.

Not everyone responded critically to Danny K’s initial tweet. He received support from various users, including his partner in the Shout anti-crime campaign, former TKZ member Kabelo Mabalane.

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