Africans hit back at American singer for saying they can’t read Kanye West’s tweets

Picture: Twitter/Troll

The American probably thinks Africa is the most united country in the world.

American “musician” Daniel Mcloyd thought it was a good idea to troll Africans on Twitter, because he thought there was no internet in the African “country” anyway, and it backfired.

The man shared his opinion on American rapper Kanye West’s visit in Uganda late last year and said he received a warm welcome in the country because Africans were not aware of his tweets on Donald Trump.

“Kanye West went to Africa cuz they can’t read tweets so they not aware of what he’s been doing,” said Mcloyd.

But Africans were not having any of it.

“Being unable to read tweets is better than being in a place you consider home but still cry every day for freedom and racial equality 400 years later. Your ancestors were from Sierra Leone, which is in Africa,” said one Twitter user, while another said: “West is a proper noun. Capital ‘W’ please. ·I’ll let ‘cuz’ slide because you’re American. ·Not ‘they not aware’ but ‘they ARE not aware’ ·Full stop/Period after the word doing. Imagine being told shit by a person that has no idea how to construct a sentence.”

These were some of the hilarious responses to the troll:

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