How social media unpacked Mugabe’s latest picture

How social media unpacked Mugabe’s latest picture

Picture: Twitter/Sukoluhle Nyathi

While some say he looks good for a 94-year-old, others say not being president has sped up his ageing.

A picture of former Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe has been circulating on social media and many have shared opinions on it. In the picture, Mugabe is seen sitting on a chair in a luxury house, believed to be his, wearing a navy blue suit and with a tie of the same, with a white shirt. The former president’s hair, which was the picture’s most discussed feature on social media, seems to have grown whiter compared to the pictures circulated a few days after leaving the presidency.

The picture seems to have also dismissed claims on social media that the former president was on life support.

He turns 95 on Thursday.

While some argued that he looked good for a 94-year-old, others said having nothing to do may have sped up his ageing.

Zimbabweans sent birthday wishes for their former president, with some preaching forgiveness to those who shared sad stories about Mugabe’s reign, though some said only God would forgive him.

“Talking about how evil Mugabe was isn’t denying him any chance. I’m merely commenting on the Mugabe I know. When did Bob ask for forgiveness of his evil acts? Did he say he wants any chance?” asked Twitter user @ChidzidziG, while @DeidaraMtomba wrote: “Me and my family have, since the birth of Mnangagwa’s presidency, forgiven Robert Gabriel Mugabe. He, at some point, genuinely fought for the liberation of Africa.”

These were some of the comments on the picture:

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