EFF’s slapper-in-chief says he did it because he won’t ‘bow down’ to ‘arrogant racists’

EFF’s slapper-in-chief says he did it because he won’t ‘bow down’ to ‘arrogant racists’

EFF members clapped when President Cyril Ramaphosa recognised former presidents Thabo Mbeki and Kgalema Motlante at parliament before delivering the State of the Nation Address, Cape Town, 7 February 2019. Picture: Phando Jikelo /African News Agency (ANA)

Marshall Dlamini appears to have taken ownership of the incident after the 2019 Sona, which was filmed and went viral.

Marshall Dlamini, the EFF MP who slapped a plain-clothes police officer after Thursday night’s State of the Nation (Sona) address, has taken to Twitter, seemingly in defence of his actions.

The Citizen reported initially that, while the person who slapped the officer is believed to be Dlamini, this had not been confirmed.

It now seems Dlamini has taken ownership of having been the slapper, in a tweet that, while not referencing the incident directly, is almost certainly inspired by it.

“I will never bow down, nor account to arrogant racists and white supremacy,” Dlamini tweeted.

Warrant Officer Johan Carstens, the policeman slapped by Dlamini, has since opened a case of assault against the EFF following the incident, which was caught on video and went viral.

The EFF has claimed that the incident was an act of “necessary self-defence” as they had received information about a possible assassination attempt on their leader, Julius Malema, allegedly involving police in cahoots with right wingers.

Parliament said in a statement on Friday that its presiding officers condemned the incident.

Video of the incident has gone viral showing EFF MPs in a scuffle with security officials after the Sona, ending in an officer being slapped.

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The statement from parliament said: “An initial report alleges that Warrant Officer Johan Carstens, responsible for cordoning off the exit area for the procession, faced sudden confrontation and was attacked by the EFF MP, resulting in facial injuries.

“Officer Carstens has opened an assault case with the police.”

The statement went on to describe the conduct of the MP as “shameful”, while at the same time confirming parliament was probing the matter.

“The presiding officers will await a full report on the matter in order to determine an appropriate course of action.”

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