WATCH: ‘Speeding driver’ allegedly refuses to pay bribe, cops keep his licence



The cops tell him they will give his licence back when he stops recording their interaction.

Lindelani Shezi took to social media on Friday morning to complain about traffic officers who accused him of exceeding the speed limit and also allegedly refused to show him the speed reading on the camera.

Shezi said he was driving from Ermelo to Nelspruit when traffic officers stopped him and asked for his licence – which he gave them. They checked his car and found nothing wrong, only for them to then accuse him of exceeding the speed limit, he alleged.

He further alleged the cops then asked him to choose between getting a R1,500 fine or paying them to let him go. The video, however, did not show them asking for a bribe.

“I refused to pay the bribe. I asked him to show me the over-speeding recording on the camera which he could not, then I felt I was being taken for a ride in Mpumalanga with my KZN-registered vehicle.

“I opted to record this whole thing. I was threatened, assaulted, and the traffic officer refused to give back my licence nor to write me the fine,” he said.

In the video he posted, he asked the officers to give him back his licence, which they refused to do and told him they would only give it back to him if he stopped taking the video.

“You have no right to take the video,” one of the officers told the motorist, while also trying to slap the phone out of his hand.

However, motorists are entitled to record their interactions with officers.

One of the officers also tried to hide his name tag with his hand after noticing the driver was trying to record it too.

Shezi told the officers he was driving to a police station to open a case against them in an attempt to get his licence back. He further alleged even the cops at the police station refused to help him open the case.

“When I got to the police station, a police officer refused to open the case of assault, attempted bribery, and theft. These traffic officers then emerged at the police station, went inside the charge office at the back office and then came out, went into their car and one of them brought back my driver’s licence to me. They tried to threaten me at the police station and I refused to be intimidated,” he further alleged.

An attempt to get comment from the authorities was unsuccessful on Friday.

Watch the video below:

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