Celebrity DJ shares ‘racist video’, but gets accused of making it up

Junior De Rocka with his ex Ntando Duma. Picture: all4women.

Junior De Rocka took to Twitter hoping to inspire outrage over an alleged racial incident, but many were unconvinced.

WARNING: The tweet below contains strong language. 

DJ, presenter, and radio host Junior De Rocka took to Twitter to post a video he alleged showed racism on the part of a man who was either owner of or the employee of a quad bike rental company.

But while the tweet has gone viral, with over 2,400 retweets at the time of publication of this article, many have expressed doubt that the man in the video was indeed being racist, calling De Rocka out over what some allege was an attempt to bring race into an incident in which it was not a factor.

The incident took place after the DJ and his friends arrived an hour late to return quad bikes.

While the video shows De Rocka and friends accusing the man of having sworn at them before the camera was rolling, the man is not seen swearing in the clip. Also, while the DJ’s tweet accuses the man of calling them “black c***s”, it is not entirely clear if that part of the situation actually took place. In the video, the men can be heard arguing over whether the man dropped the “f-bomb” while complaining about their lateness. There is no mention of the alleged racial slur.


Many of De Rocka’s mainly black followers expressed scepticism regarding his claim over this being a racial incident. The DJ, meanwhile, replied to one user who pointed out that there was “no evidence” of racism by saying that the man was indeed racist, but he failed to capture this moment in the clip.


Some suggested the DJ had made up the racial angle. Others called him out for being late and suggested that he and his friends had purposefully attempted to try and make the man angry.




De Rocka, a DJ on KwaZulu-Natal’s Gagasi FM, is best known for having fathered a child with actress and television presenter Ntando Duma. The two were in a relationship, which is now reportedly over.

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