Ayanda Mabulu apologises to women for rape symbolism

Ayanda Mabulu apologises to women for rape symbolism

Mabulu's painting/protest at the JSE. Note, the image has been slightly censored. Picture: Twitter/Oliver Meth

The controversial artist also said his arresting officers confessed to loving his work.

Speaking on Eusebius McKaiser’s show on 702 on Friday, controversial artist Ayanda Mabulu spoke about his latest artwork, which depicts, among other things, disgraced former Steinhoff CEO Markus Jooste receiving oral sex from an anonymous black woman.

It was reported that Mabulu was arrested for displaying the protest piece, alongside a swastika flag, an old South African flag and several pig heads, outside the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE), although a police spokesperson told News24 this was not the case.

Mabulu was asked about the depiction of women in his work.

“If I offended women, I apologise,” Mabulu said.

“I use rape as [a] motif because white supremacists are raping us economically.”

Many of Mabulu’s most controversial earlier works do not include any women, such as one where former presidents Nelson Mandela and Jacob Zuma were having intercourse and one where Atul Gupta and Zuma are involved in a sexual act.

He has portrayed Jacob Zuma receiving oral sex from a woman in a similar fashion to his depiction of Jooste.

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The Jooste painting, which also depicts late Afrikaner extremist and AWB leader, Eugene Terrblanche, is the first time he has depicted a white businessman. The Citizen reported yesterday that some felt Mabulu was only arrested for taking on “white monopoly capital”, as earlier paintings depicting black politicians had not led to any arrests.

“I thought the JSE is the most relevant space for my painting but seemingly the JSE is too important for a painting despite the looting and scandals” involving the stock exchange, Mabulu said.

Contrary to a comment from police spokesperson Kay Makhubela, who said Mabulu was removed from the premises but not arrested, Mabulu told McKaiser that he was indeed arrested.

“When we wanted to re-fold the painting, they started pushing us, intimidating, and then we got arrested – me and my friends. No rights read, no charges. We were pepper-sprayed and thrown in the van, handcuffed,” he said.

Mabulu also told McKaiser that his arresting officers told him they loved his work and let him off on a warning.

“The cops said ‘we love your work but do not show these penises in public’. Don’t show it in front of the JSE”, he said.

As for the pig heads, Mabulu said he donated them for people to eat. He himself would not be partaking, as he was vegan.

“The pig symbolises Markus Jooste, so [it] should be eaten with salt,” he said.

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