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6 Mar 2020
4:46 pm

‘We don’t talk about ugogo here,’ says Maimane amid launch of his new movement

Citizen reporter

The jab was presumably in reference to Helen Zille.

Picture: Kim Ludbrook / EPA-EFE

Post-DA life seems to be boding well for Mmusi Maimane’s sense of humour. As each day goes by, he wins the favour of more Twitter users through his “witty” banter and amusing use of the latest slang.

The latest people to become enamoured with his new-found online persona are the producer and star of Netflix smash hit, Queen Sono.

After recently getting into the show, Maimane took to Twitter to share the fact that he is enjoying the show and to commend a few of the show’s contributors in addition to begging Netflix to ensure there is a second season.

“Well done again to @PearlThusi and to @NetflixSA. I also want to congratulate @KagisoLediga your writing is improving in leaps and bounds,” tweeted Maimane.

“Thank U. Your politics are also improving in leaps and bounds,” [sic] quipped Lediga in response.

Thusi, on the other hand, told the former politician that he’s more fun lately.

She also asked how that “old lady” is doing, presumably in reference to Helen Zille, to which Maimane responded, “I would say I am letting my hair down but this chiskop life won’t allow me. As for ugogo, we don’t talk about her much here. What do the young people say “positive vibes”.”

Another Twitter user asked Maimane which line of work he was referring to since his job as DA leader is the last recorded job he held. Maimane then joked that he was working on dropping a mixtape, which prompted further laughter.

The joke was in reference to his newly launched “movement” called the One South Africa Movement. He insists that it is not a political party and explained as much in a video he published earlier today.

It was previously assumed that he would be joining Herman Mashaba’s People’s Dialogue, something Maimane has previously said would not happen.

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