‘Nothing wrong with asking for the land back’

‘Nothing wrong with asking for the land back’

As parliament moves forward with expropriation without compensation, it is important to pay attention to the challenges of land reform. Picture: Shutterstock

A researcher says the land debate has become ” a dialogue of the deaf”, and says fundamentally there is nothing wrong with calls for the return of historically dispossessed land.

While South Africans have until the end of this month to comment on the draft national land policy for beneficiary selection and land allocation, an academic has found “nothing remotely radical” about the phrase “give back the land”. Professor Brian Ganson, head of the Africa Centre for Dispute Settlement at the University of Stellenbosch Business School believes the principle of returning land to those who deserved it was “already contained in the constitution”. Ganson said: ““The current constitution – never mind any amendments under consideration – promises restitution to people and communities dispossessed of property as a result of racially...




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