‘Zuma never cared about RET’ – analyst

‘Zuma never cared about RET’ – analyst

Former President Jacob Zuma's appears at the Zondo Commission, 17 July 2019. Picture: Karen Sandison / African News Agency (ANA)

Political analyst Xolani Dube argues Zuma never cared for radical economic transformation, but the facts showed quite the opposite: That he was happy with the status quo, and only used RET as a rallying cry to fight for his own political survival.

A leading political analyst has rubbished claims that former President Jacob Zuma was a champion of radical economic transformation in South Africa and that he had the interest of the poor at heart. Political analyst Xolani Dube, head of the Xubera Institute for Research and Development, questioned Zuma’s alleged history of leading radical economic rtransformation, saying the facts showed the opposite. He said instead the former president was comfortable with the ANC’s neo-liberal policies and that he failed to undo the apartheid economic establishment when he had all the time to do so as then MEC for economic affairs in...




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